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Ellicott City Flood 2016

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Within two hours last Saturday much of historic Ellicott City was devastated by a flash flood. While the Broumas Law Group Law office is up on the hill and was not directly affected the scene of devastation in this lovely historic city is heart breaking. Within those two hours the city had a normal month’s quota of rain. The flood took everyone by surprise, visitors were seen driving on the street while the flood waters were rising until cars were ultimately engulfed and swept down the road with their occupants still in them.

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The aftermath of the disaster is significant. Two people lost their lives, twenty five buildings were seriously damaged and cars were strewn everywhere some even left resting on top of trees. While the clean-up was started immediately, the effect of the storm will be long lasting. More than twenty cars are still in the Patapsco River. It is a sad day for all those who live and love Ellicott City.

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This is not the first time Ellicott City has had a substantial and destructive flood. There have been major floods in the city in 1817, 1837, 1868, 1923, 1952, 1972 and 2016. In 2011 there was another flash flood of lesser magnitude also causing significant damage to the city. That 2011 flood weakened a 200 year old retaining wall at the historic Saint Paul’s Church causing the rock retaining wall to fall and destroy several cars including two of ours. This time we were more fortunate.

ellicott-city-flood-20160731-bankruptcy-attorney-MD ellicott-city-flood-20160731-bankruptcy-attorney-maryland

Many of our bankruptcy clients are calling after seeing the reports of devastation to make sure the office is still alright. Fortunately our law office is up on the hill by the Circuit Court and did not suffer any damage from the storm.

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